The Elise Joy Frantz scholarship was created in 1993 in honor and memory of the daughter of Ron and Patrice Frantz.  The scholarship is awarded each year to an outstanding high school senior in Ottawa County who has shown respect for the law and a special interest in our constitution and government and who plans to develop these interests through further education at a college or university.  Past recipients of the scholarship have gone on to varied careers, many within the law, government or public service, including work as attorneys, Air Force intelligence officer, public policy analyst, lobbyist, as well as in the fields of international relations, non-profit and social work.

The scholarship originated as the “Ottawa County Bar Association Scholarship.”  In 1988, Ron Frantz was president of the Ottawa County Bar Association and there was a significant bar association account balance.  As a result, the Board proposed and the Bar Association membership formally approved the granting of a yearly scholarship as part of their community outreach efforts.  The application and interview process were pretty much as they are today.  The first winner was selected from approximately 18 applicants and presented with the award at the Law Day dinner (at the Spring Lake Holiday Inn) by Judge Calvin Bosman.  In 1993, Judge Brad Knoll was the Bar President and he moved to re-name the scholarship after Ron’s daughter Elise Joy Frantz (his daughter Leigh’s twin) who had passed away in October 1992.

Today, the scholarship is an amount of $1,500 made as a one-time payment to the recipient upon commencement of their college studies.  Ron Frantz’ office handles the application process and the interview process, in which Ron and two OCBA Board members interview the top candidates.  They award the scholarship to the candidate who best exemplifies the qualities and interests in policy and law-related studies that the scholarship seeks to encourage and facilitate.

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION:    Elise Joy Frantz Scholarship Application